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'Pound' Pear

Posted by Brittany Kordick 
'Pound' Pear
April 28, 2021 10:59PM
Anybody else out there growing 'Pound' pears? We have an enormous, gorgeous 'Pound' in our pear orchard, and annually get up high hopes for it, but have never seen even a single pear . . . and that's primarily because we see very, very few flowers, as in we're lucky to see a dozen max. The tree is thriving by all appearances, as is the rest of the pear orchard, which blooms normally and produces excellent crops most years. The 'Pound' is over ten years old now, so seems unlikely that it just takes a while to mature. There are plenty of other pear varieties in bloom around the time our 'Pound' is scantily blooming, but like I said, the issue obviously has roots way before pollination and appears to be more of a bloom-set problem.

Kordick Family Farm
Westfield, NC
Zone 7a
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