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Welcome to the online community of the Holistic Orchard Network. Join with other growers to explore what it takes to grow healthy fruit, find organic inspiration, and make new tree-minded friends. The cutting edge discussion in our forum is geared towards folks growing fruit as part of their living, and certainly open to all to read and learn. Wassail!

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You have found the index to our online orchard community, and therefore the perfect place to begin exploring. Position your cursor over any of the forum links, give a click, and a new window opens. Have fun learning more about growing healthy fruit!

book by Claude Jolicouer
'Tis the season to set yourself down by the woodfire to delve deeply into healthy orcharding, apple lore, and the fine art of cider making. The Network Bookshelf offers a modest selection of inspiration so check it out. Far better to support the world we want to see as opposed to launching the too rich owner of Amazon into outer space, eh?

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Hello everyone, OFGA is in the middle of a Strategic Planning period. As part of this process, please join other Organic Fruit Grower Association members and supporters to dig into the results from...
    - Liz Griffith        posted: 24Jan
We have been trying to track down history/descriptions for a few apple varieties we obtained through scionwood from Nick Botner years ago. Our trees have a ways to go before fruiting and we cannot fi...
    - Brittany Kordick        posted: 20Jan
Happy New Year! As we roll into 2022, it is time for our current coordinator, the wonderful Amy B., to pass the baton to a new Coordinator. And so, the OFGA board is seeking candidates for OFGA'...
    - Liz Griffith        posted: 11Jan

Our Portal Page

is the table of contents for our online orchard community, and therefore the perfect place to begin exploring. Position your cursor over any of the links, give a click, and a new window opens. We invite you to poke around, have fun, and to read more about our basic site protocols.

Tree Supplies Unlimited

Check out these grower resources for links to suppliers of nursery stock, spray products, fungal foods, insect traps, and more. We’re here to help both community and home orchardists grow good fruit.

The Apple Farm
a snapshot from one of our Grower Profiles

The Apple Farm

Philo, California

Tim Bates writes: “Organic all 28 years, Bio-dynamic practices 20 years. We make our own compost since forever. Now have goats, sheep, horses, chickens, and occasional pigs (and a milk cow – yum). Trying to get to self sustaining system--have removed some apple trees to grow more vegetables – using the horses for more and more cultivation and plowing as we get the hang of it.”

The Network becomes all the more engaging as orchardists get to know each other better. Posting a grower profile allows other growers to learn about your farm, your trees, your philosophy. >

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