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Bioregional Nurseries

Local nurseries that sell potted trees as well as native plants are best picked up at the source. Home orchardists will often find a wider array of varieties available than what's found in the commercial pipeline. Many of these nurseries ship bare root stock as well, others sell bench grafted stock which saves considerable money, or often you can even get scionwood and rootstocks to do your own grafting. 

Growers with a listing as a Bioregional Nursery produce trees in healthy ways. Efforts are made to build soil with cover cropping. Inoculating root systems with mycorrhizal fungi should be standard nursery practice. Training first branches makes for better shaped trees. Pacing growth with slow-release fertilizers results in climatically-adjusted stock.

Grafting technique. Photo by Michael Phillips.
Various grafting techniques are used to carry forward bioregional favorites.

Here at the Holistic Orchard Network, we are thinking big! As support for these efforts flows in, we are building a list for locally-sourced trees that will fill up in the following regions:

Northeast     Mid-Atlantic     Midwest     West     Outside US

Fedco Trees

Fedco Trees

     John Bunker
     Box 520
     Clinton, Maine
cooperative effort supporting many Maine growers!
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Elmore Roots

     David Fried
     631 Symonds Mill Rd
     Wolcott, Vermont
certified organic nursery
Walden Heights

Walden Heights

     Todd Parlo
     120 VT Route 215
     Walden, Vermont
certified organic orchard
more about this nursery
St. Lawrence Nurseries

St. Lawrence Nurseries

     Connor Hardiman
     PO Box 957
     Potsdam, New York
Perry City Nursery

Perry City Nursery

     Chris Negronida
     5291 State Route 228
     Trumansburg, New York
Vintage Virginia Apples

Vintage Virginia Apples

     Bill Shelton
     2545 Rural Ridge Lane
     North Garden, Virginia
Tooleys Trees

Tooleys Trees

     Gordon Tooley
     PO Box 392
     Truchas, New Mexico

more about this nursery
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Skipley Farm

     Gil Schieber
     7223 55th Street SE
     Snohomish, Washington
Outside US
Silver Creek Nursery

Silver Creek Nursery

     Steph Roth
     2343 Gerber Road
     Wellesley, Ontario

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Northeast     Mid-Atlantic     Midwest     West     Outside US

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