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Welcome to the crux of the matter. The Secret Tattoo is where we post certain member benefits and cutting edge reports not yet ready for sharing with the world at large.

Access to these files depends entirely on keeping your membership in good standing. This necessitates two steps. One, that you are delighted by all this information on growing healthy fruit to want to truly join us. And two, recognizing the construct of good standing hinges on a modicum of financial support for these efforts every few years. And just like with public radio, you decide the amount once having become a full-fledged member.

Yes. You're meant to be intrigued at this point.

The links below will become active once you have your secret tattoo.

Our periodic assessment of Spray Product Pricing keeps members current on options. We rely in turn on you keeping us abreast of suppliers in your neck of the woods.
Key nutrient indications can be found in this Plant Sap Journal for the 2020 season.
Growers can make Bionutrient Ferments to abet healthy plant metabolism.
The Holistic Spray Framework provides a useful overview of application rates and timing.
The occasional bit of apple tomfoolery.
Discount Codes for network members from generous business sponsors.
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