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Network Sponsorship

Our growers are all about bringing earth sense to how human communities grow fruit. A modicum of support from regenerative ag businesses helps us in turn discover and share healthier ways to orchard. This collaborative partnership benefits everyone.

Basic Sponsorship starts with a $100 donation to launch patronage of this work. All business sponsors will be designated by an apple symbol next to your listing within Grower Resources . . . with encouragement given to support your business in turn.  Renewals are expected every three years,  just as is requested of grower-members to keep membership status in good standing. Think of this as an annual ad costing less than $35 a year to reach a targeted audience of absolutely committed customers.  

Becoming a Premium Business Sponsor entails maintaining this base level of support annually. New sponsors going this route need to commit for two years upfront while established sponsors pay $100 per year to renew. Now, in addition, we will display your logo prominently on our resource page along with a short blurb highly recommending your company. Premium sponsors may be mentioned in newsletter articles and/or be featured in 'the spotlight' on the Portal. Sponsorship renewal reminders will be sent out annually as a means of keeping your company's standing in the best orchard advertising on the web.  Premium sponsors contributing for two or more years at a time will only see such a request come the appropriate renewal year.

Are you ready to do the deed?

We achieve so much more working together. How delightful to have you sponsor these efforts to grow healthy fruit!


Click that button and agree to a minimum twenty units of 'holistic intention' and you are business sponsor of the Holistic Orchard Network. Or, if you prefer, we invite you to send a check made out to:

Holistic Orchard Network

c/o Mike Biltonen

6031 Brook Road

Trumansburg, NY 14886

All contributions will be acknowledged in the next edition of the Community Orchardist newsletter. Network sponsorship can be deducted as a legitimate business expense – and we are happy to send an invoice receipt if requested. 



Building on this partnership

Please consider sharing our network logo on your business website. Check out our Promotional Kit for downloadable options designed for a range of placements.

We'll make sure our holistic orchard consultants are aware of your services to in turn pass that information along to clients. Product samples and/or brochures can be especially helpful.

Discount offers via the Secret Tattoo will entice those members in good standing.


Appreciation goes both ways

We're grateful when premium sponsors sign on board for two or more years at a time. Here's the deal: A sampler of mouth-watering apples will be shipped your way in the fall of the year you either initiate or renew a multi-year arrangement to sponsor this network. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. 

What's Next:
The Money Trail

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