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here's a list of current and upcoming projects, just to help us keep ourselves on the same page!

Tasks for the rank amateur:

  1. set up 'group' at FB (in lieu of 'page')
  2. complete inner pages for research department
  3. add inner pages for curriculum department
  4. edit Grower Profile page to reflect changes 
  5. edit How-To-Use-This-Site
  6. register HON domains (.com and .org)
  7. check/reorganize Resource links
  8. update shipping details on order form for books
  9. commission jazzy/ juicy HON logos

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Up Next:

  1. fix quotes in portal
  2. update profile editing methodology
  3. site map
  4. position of 'more about this orchard' (or cidery) in listings, as done in Bioregional Nursery listings 

Down the Road:

  1. finish rationalizing / updating the whole HON site
  2. consolidate Show Me (shed old GOA image files)
  3. page tracking for viewpdf files
michael grower to michael webster

How does one code for a 'smidgen of space' when a full return is more than what's desired?

MW replies: First, one remembers that this is not paper, and one browser's smidgen may be another's yawning gap. That said, here's one useful trick:

something above a 1 px spacer

something below spacer

something above a 6px spacer

something below spacer

something above a 6px spacer

something below bordered spacer

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