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here's a list of current and upcoming projects, just to help us keep ourselves on the same page!

Administrative / Contact tasks

  1. Decisions about scheduled classes and appearances
    1. Orcharding 101 - April 24, May 8 & 22
    2. canceled: Holistic Orchard Intensive - June 11-12
  2. Work through the unprocessed contacts at LNO and GOA
    1. A ‘Want-ads’ page for members?
    2. A distribution protocol to handle incoming requests?
  3. Work out an email answering/forwarding system to respond to new inquiries (some go back to October '21)
  4. Decide how to manage consulting and classes going forward

Tasks for the apple experts:

  1. Finish nearly-ready Newsletter: key article 'Plant Sap Understanding'
  2. complete inner pages for research department
  3. add inner pages for curriculum department
  4. develop additional HON domains (.org), launch nonprofit?
  5. check/reorganize Resource links
  6. commission jazzy/ juicy HON logos



And on the webster side of the street...

Website & lists:

  1. complete syncing of email list
  2. site map
  3. move postcode field from resource to emaillist; eliminate cat field in resources; conform orchard list with emaillist

Website future:

  1. migrate old style pages to new methods
  2. garbage collection - delete old unused files
  3. page tracking for viewpdf files
  4. update shipping details on order form for books






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