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Tree Stewards

All trees benefit from holistic care. That certainly includes fruiting trees in a family orchard, organically-managed estates, and public spaces. These arborists and landscape companies will tend to your trees with the health of the ecosystem and you in mind.

Competent pruning coupled with fungal ecosystem tenets establishes healthy crop potential. Regularly-timed holistic sprays give trees greater ability to resist disease. Often the real bugaboo can be persistent pests that attack the fruit directly. Discussion with your landscaper establishes the scope of the work to be done. A bountiful harvest follows from there.

Here at the Holistic Orchard Network, we are thinking big! As support for these efforts flows in, we will continue to build this list of tree care professionals offering orchard services in the following regions:

Tree Stewards
Sit back and let the healthy fruit harvest begin!

Northeast     Mid-Atlantic     Midwest     West     Outside US

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Renewal Arboriculture

     Peter Brady
     Montville, Maine 04943
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Plantscapes Organics

     Michael Nadeau
     Fairfield, Connecticut 06825
Nashville Foodscapes

Nashville Foodscapes

     Brandon Maberry
     Joelton, Tennessee 37080
ArboRx Tree Care

ArboRx Tree Care

     Lee Sonneville
     Fort Collins, Colorado 80525

Northeast     Mid-Atlantic     Midwest     West     Outside US

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